New Babies Often Shove One Parent Out of Bed

Baby makes three but many new parents are finding that there’s often only room in the bed for two. Lack of sleep forces 1 in 10 parents to stop sharing a bed and start sleeping apart, at least until their wee wonder starts sleeping through the night. An even greater number of new parents — 1 in 3 — find themselves sleeping in different rooms for at least a few nights during their infant’s first year to ensure they receive a good night’s sleep. Only 6 in 10 parents of newborns (slightly less than two-thirds) said they slept in the same bed every night after their baby’s birth.

The British survey of 2,000 new-parent couples found that, with more women returning to work not long after the birth of their baby, parents are increasingly sharing overnight infant care duties. A third of the couples surveyed said they take turns getting up in the middle of the night to care for their infant; but 3 in 5 dads handle the midnight to dawn shift exclusively so their wives can catch up on sleep.

The new parents surveyed said sleeping in separate beds, while not an ideal solution, does prevent the on-call parent from disrupting the other parent’s sleep when their child needs attention during the night.

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