Business Recognizes Need to Nap

Businesses are beginning to tune into the benefits of napping. Scientific research has shown that short naps of 20 to 30 minutes increase energy levels and alertness. We think more clearly and perform tasks with greater precision when our sleep needs are adequately met. Naps also help our brains solidify new learning. Scientific tests have demonstrated that naps increase the brain’s ability to retain newly-learned information.

In the wake of reports about sleepy air traffic controllers, businesses have been taking a new look at naps. Rather than viewing sleeping on the job as a waste of company time and money, more businesses are beginning to recognize the benefits in productivity, safety and employee job satisfaction that accrue when napping on the job is allowed.

Napping rooms have been a standard fixture in hospital emergency rooms for decades and are now being considered for air traffic controllers and other professions which demand that workers remain alert in high-stress jobs. Some employers are finding that on the job naps provide as big a boost to employee creativity as they do to productivity.

At the Richards Group, a prominent Dallas, Texas advertising firm, CEO Stan Richards has converted extra office space into four napping rooms. Richards implemented the new nap policy after reading multiple reports indicating that afternoon naps improve productivity and energy. By ensuring that his creative team has the opportunity to catch a few winks when their creative spark starts to ebb, Richards believes both his business and employees will benefit.

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