Helping Children Sleep After School Ends

It is much easier to adopt a daily routine with your children when they are attending pre-school or kindergarten during the regularly scheduled school year. During vacations and when the summer rolls around and there is less structure during the day it can be easy to fall out of the healthy habit of a regular bed time and rise time. Traveling, camps and sleepovers can all cause issues with a healthy sleep pattern and undo the sleep training that you worked so hard to establish in preparation for school.

Fortunately, it isn’t very difficult to get back into the healthiest routine if you are equipped with the appropriate set of tools. Even when there are more activities due to the freedom of the summer months or during vacations to not so familiar places, it’s important to stick as closely as possible to your bedtime routine.

Make sure that you allow your children a little time to unwind after the excitement of the day prior to shuffling them off to bed. When bed time is drawing near opt for calmer activities as opposed to trying to finish each night off with excitement.

Bring your Nighty Night video  with you on vacation as a familiar and soothing way to end each evening on vacation to prepare your children for bed. If you and others in the house are planning on continuing the vacation festivities after the kids are in bed use the soothing Nighty Night CDs to block out noises that may keep your children awake. By adhering to your routine as closely as possible throughout the summer months you can help to ensure healthy, well rested children that will have little trouble readjusting for school come fall.

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