Tips for Creating a Restful Bedtime Routine

It can be difficult for children to settle down and go to sleep. Creating a quiet, relaxing bedtime routine and following it consistently will signal your child’s body and mind to prepare for sleep so your child gets the rest he needs.

You can help your child transition from active play to sleep by beginning the bedtime routine about 30 minutes before bedtime. Create a routine that can be followed even if you are traveling or visiting grandparents. Following the same routine every night will teach your child to anticipate sleep.

  1. Make bedtime a special time together for you and your child.
  2. Help your child brush his teeth, take any medicine and toilet before his bath as these activities are more likely to provoke dissent and frustration. Performing these activities first prevents them from interfering with the relaxation process that begins with the bath.
  3. Start with a warm bath to help relax your child. You might want to add some soothing lavender oil or bubble bath to the bath water. Limit the number of toys in the tub and encourage quiet play.
  4. After your child is dressed in his pajamas, dim the lights and ask him to get his favorite stuffed animal or blanket.
  5. Cuddle together while you read your child a story.
  6. Snuggle with your child while you watch the Nighty Night video together.
  7. As your child becomes drowsy while watching the video, tuck him into bed and say goodnight.

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