How to Win the Bedtime Battle

Bedtime battles are frustrating and exhausting for both parent and child. You may have spent a wonderful day with your toddler; but announce that it’s bedtime and your darling child can turn into a screaming monster. Even the most even-tempered toddler goes through spells when he doesn’t want to go to bed, even when his deteriorating behavior indicates that bedtime is exactly what he needs. The resulting tug of war between cranky toddlers and frustrated parents can turn every bedtime into a noisy battle.

The toddler years are so full of exciting new skills and experiences that it’s hard for children to stop playing and go to sleep. After being tucked in your toddler may experience a twinge of separation anxiety when you leave the room. Noises from other parts of the house — parents talking, television, etc. — may pique your toddler’s curiosity and interfere with his ability to settle down for sleep. And then there are always those nights when your toddler decides to exercise his independence — and test your patience.

Many parents have found that winning the bedtime battle is as easy as turning on the Nighty Night video. An effective toddler sleep aid featured on the Dr. Phil Show, the video of baby animals settling down for sleep instantly attracts your toddler’s attention, distracting him from his bedtime objections. In seconds, your testy toddler turns back into his sweet, lovable self, relaxing quietly as he yawns with the baby animals and blissfully falls asleep.

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