Safe Sleep Aids for Sleep Training Babies

Baby sleep aids play an important role in helping infants learn to comfort themselves and fall asleep. Toys, thumbs, blankies, dolls and stuffed animals are all time-honored sleep aids; but experience has shown that they are not necessarily safe objects to place in your baby’s crib. All but thumbs have been banished from the modern baby’s crib. Even bumper pads are a no-no these days.

Reports of babies suffocating or strangling in their cribs has made parents extremely cautious about what is allowed into their infant’s crib. No parent wants to take the risk that their baby could become tangled in a blanket or push his face up against a toy and not be able to extricate himself. Infants have not yet developed the muscle strength and coordination to keep themselves out of danger. Hence the barren crib. Better safe than sorry.

Without the traditional physical props, parents have to be more creative about providing baby sleep aids that will help their child relax and fall sleep without putting him at risk. Soothing music is an excellent sleep training aid for babies. By playing the same comforting musical selection every time you lay your baby down for sleep, you train your child to relax and anticipate sleep whenever the music plays.

Parenting tip: Many moms find that listening to Nighty Night CDs while nursing helps them to relax and let their milk down more easily.

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