‘Up All Night’ Shows Funny Side of Toddler Sleep Training

In NBC’s new fall television series Up All Night, stars Christina Applegate and Will Arnett who draw on their own sleepless nights as new parents to find the humor in those first frustrating months of parenthood when sleep is always in short supply. Brand new mom Maya Rudolph has a supporting role in the new fall sitcom as a talk-show host. Although carefree and single in the series, Rudolph’s real-life experiences as a new mom should give her an insider’s view on the difficulties of sleep training toddlers that consume her friends.

TV reviewers are giving the show a thumbs up. Not only is the plot original but the interplay between the characters is hilarious as they trade quips and share infant sleep training tips. The universal appeal of the show should make it an early hit. Toddler sleep training is a subject all parents should be able to identify with.

During the recent fall season press tour, Applegate recalled her own disastrous experiences trying to sleep train her now one-year-old daughter Sadie using the Ferber (cry it out) method of toddler sleep training. It’s too bad, Christina didn’t know about Nighty Night sleep training videos and CDs, the easy, no-tears way to sleep train toddlers. Of course, peacefully sleep children don’t make for riveting television, but they do have happier parents!

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