Video Sleep Aids for Toddlers Keep Peace on Vacation

Vacation travel can wreak havoc on your toddler’s sleep schedule. New sounds, new sights and new people provide wonderful stimulation for your toddler when he is awake; but when bedtime comes, all the unfamiliar people and places can make your child feel anxious, increase separation anxiety, and interfere with his (and your) ability to go to sleep.

Child sleep experts recommend bringing familiar toys, stuffies, blankies and other toddler sleep aids along when you travel to help comfort your child at bedtime. Parents should also make an effort to stick to the same bedtime routines followed at home. Familiar objects and activities provide young children with the reassurance and security they need to handle change successfully.

Children feel secure when things are the same (one reason they love to hear the same story over and over again). Recreating even a portion of your toddler’s normal home sleeping environment when traveling will help make your child feel safe and allow him to relax at bedtime. You’ll definitely want to pack your Nighty Night video and CDs when you travel. Watching the Nighty Night video of sleepy baby animals and listening to the soothing melodies on the Nighty Night CDs just like you do every night at home will help your child relax and fall asleep just like he does at home.

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