An Easier, Gentler Way to Sleep Train Toddlers

If the Cry It Out method of toddler sleep training is turning bedtime into bedlam or the Sleep Lady method is infringing on the few precious hours of adult time you count on each night to relax and recharge, there is a kinder, gentler third method of sleep training for toddlers — the Nighty Night method of sleep training.

Recommended by Dr. Phil on his television show as toddler sleep aids that work (click the link to watch the program clip), Nighty Night products are a fast, easy and enjoyable method of toddler sleep training that is earning praise from grateful parents.

Here’s how it works: After the normal bedtime routine, dim the lights and cuddle with your child while you watch the Nighty Night video together. As you begin toddler sleep training, lie on the bed with your child or hold him on your lap during the video. As sleep training progresses, encourage independent sleeping by sitting in a chair next to your child’s bed.

The darling baby animals will immediately engage your toddler’s attention. As each baby animal yawns and settles in for sleep, your child will also relax and become drowsy. When the 20-minute video ends, kiss your child goodnight and turn on the Nighty Night CD as you quietly leave the room. The soothing melodies on the CD will help your child remain relaxed and drift off to sleep.

With Nighty Night toddler sleep aids there are no more bedtime tears or long goodbyes; just sweet dreams.

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