Nighty Night Perfect Vacation Sleep Aid for Toddlers

Children are creatures of habit. As the parent of any toddler will attest, they love to play the same games over and over again and bed to hear the same bedtime story night after night. Parents may become bored, but children find comfort and stability in repeated routines, especially bedtime routines.

Successful toddler sleep training hinges on an orderly progression of post-dinner activities consistently repeated until they become a dependable part of the child’s bedtime routine. But when families go on vacation, the disruption of normal bedtime routines can send toddler sleep training success out the window. Packing favorite sleep aids for toddlers — blankies, stuffies, favorite storybook, Nighty Night CDs and videos — can help you maintain the bedtime routines your toddler has learned to rely on and ensure that your child (and you) receives the restful sleep needed to enjoy vacation activities.

When traveling with their children, savvy parents download soothing Nighty Night bedtime melodies onto iPhones, iPads or iPods (for iPods remember to pack a player with external speakers) so they can play them when babies or toddlers need to nap or go to sleep at night. They also take along Nighty Night DVDs — the ultimate toddler sleep aids — to play on their laptop or in hotel or relatives’ DVD players to help their children relax and fall asleep.

The more closely you stick to normal bedtime routines when vacationing, the easier it will be for your children to fall asleep in strange surroundings.

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