ABCs of Safe Sleeping for Babies

Alone-Back-Crib are the ABCs of safe sleeping. Developed by public health officials to prevent infant fatalities, the ABCs of safe sleeping remind parents how to protect their baby from accidental death by creating a safe sleeping environment.

  • Alone. Babies should sleep by themselves in a crib, not in their parents’ bed. When infants sleep with parents, there is serious risk of suffocation if during sleep the baby’s face is inadvertently pushed into the bed covers or parent’s body or the parent rolls on top of the infant.
  • Back. Babies should be put to sleep on their backs. Pediatricians agree that on the back is the safest sleeping position for infants and, despite parents’ fears, will not cause choking. Babies that are put to sleep on their stomachs can suffocate if bed linens or clothing impairs their breathing because they are unable to lift their heads away from the obstruction. Side sleeping can allow the baby to roll onto his stomach, placing him at similar risk.
  • Crib. The baby’s crib should be completely free of toys, pillows, blankets, bumper pads and stuffed animals. These items can be permitted when your child is older and has achieved complete mobility, but for babies they present suffocation and entrapment hazards.

Keep your baby safe all through the night. Practice the ABCs of safe sleeping when you lay your child down to sleep.

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