More Baby Sleep Training Tips from the Baby Whisperer

Continuing our previous post, here are more baby sleep training tips from British “Baby Whisperer” Alison Scott-Wright, author of The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan:

  • Learn to differentiate between your infant’s cries of distress and cries for attention. Always respond quickly to distress cries, but ignore cries for attention for a short time to give your infant the opportunity to comfort himself. Periodically during the night it is normal for babies to fuss for a few minutes then fall back asleep. Babies need opportunities to learn to comfort themselves and soothe themselves to sleep.
  • If your baby awakens during the night, place your hand firmly on his back and tell him it’s time to sleep, then leave the room. Consistent repetition will train your baby to go back to sleep.
  • Limit the number of stuffies, toys and blankets allowed in the crib. Toys can be over-stimulating and distracting. Teach your baby to associate his crib with sleep, not playtime.
  • When you put your baby to bed, turn off all the lights, including the nightlight; draw the drapes and close the door. Even dim ambient light from LED clocks or open doors can interfere with your baby’s sleep.
  • Scott-Wright recommends putting babies into bed while they are still awake. This gives babies an opportunity to practice soothing themselves and falling asleep on their own.


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