The Baby Whisperer’s Sleep Training Tips

Known as the “Baby Whisperer,” former British maternity nurse Alison Scott-Wright has developed a practical baby sleep training plan that has sleep-deprived new parents calling her a miracle worker. Her book, The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan, is a best-seller in Britain where Scott-Wright has a huge following and is quickly developing an American fan base.

Like methods advocated by TV’s British Supernanny Jo Frost, Scott-Wright’s technique is part parent training and part baby training. Many new parents do not realize the importance of consistency and repetition in helping their infants develop good sleep habits. By following the same bedtime routine every night and same wake-up routine every morning, Scott-Wright says parents can train their infants to sleep through the night.

Here are some of the Baby Whisperer’s baby sleep training tips:

  • Don’t keep your baby’s crib in your bedroom. When infants sleep in their parents’ room, neither baby nor parents sleep well. Introduce independent sleeping immediately, using baby monitors to alert you to any problems.
  • Resist the temptation to wake and cuddle your baby before you go to bed. It’s normal for new parents to want to reassure themselves that their baby is okay; but waking your baby when he is in deep sleep stimulates your child, making it more difficult for him to go back to sleep.

More tips next time

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