Rocking Puts Babies to Sleep

Have you ever noticed that mothers often start rocking when holding a baby? Using a rocking motion to comfort or calm a child seems to be instinctual, even for brand new parents. Rocking appears to be a universal antidote for pain, both physical and emotional. When in distress, children and even adults will begin to rock back and forth in an effort to soothe themselves.

Any parent who has ever sat in a rocking chair and cuddled an infant knows that rocking helps children go to sleep. The gentle, repetitive, back-and-forth rocking motion soon quiets even the crankiest infant, quickly sending him off to dreamland.

A new study adds hard scientific fact to the empirical connection between rocking and sleep and takes it one step further. Using EEG tests to measure the brain’s electrical activity, Swiss researchers at the University of Geneva found that volunteers who were rocked in a hammock fell asleep more quickly than those who were not rocked. While researchers expected that to be the case, they were surprised to discover that not only did rocking promote sleep, it caused study volunteers to fall into a deeper, more restful sleep.

Rocking your infant while playing Nighty Night Bedtime Melodies helps your child associate the music with the pleasant sensation of being rocked to sleep. When your child outgrows nightly rocking, that association can help him get to sleep more quickly and sleep more soundly when he hears the soothing music on the Nighty Night CD.

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