Move from Crib to Big Bed Requires New Sleep Training Techniques

Moving from the crib into their first big boy or big girl bed is an exciting step for toddlers, one of the first milestones in the long path to independence. Parents are equally excited about their child’s growth and achievement — until the lights go out. Without crib bars to restrain them, toddlers can spend more time out of their new bed than in it at night. Toddlers are intoxicated by their new-found freedom. There is no longer anything to stop them from climbing out of bed to play with the toys in their bedroom. Frustrated parents can find it a challenge to get kids to sleep in their new bed.

Particularly in the summer when daylight continues well past their bedtime, toddlers can have a hard time ignoring the attractive distraction bedroom toys, even if they’re tired. Hopping out of bed to play with their toys or bringing toys into their bed can keep toddlers from getting the nighttime sleep they need and cause crankiness the next day.

When children move from their crib to a big bed, parents must employ new kid sleep training strategies aimed at teaching toddlers to sleep. Parents may need to implement a new bedtime routine or enlist the use of new sleep aids for kids to encourage their toddler to associate his new bed with sleep time.

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