Snoring Solutions Bring Wedded Bliss

Spousal relationships suffer when snoring hubbies keep their wives from getting the sleep they need. Chronic sleep loss can make both men and women grumpy the next day (see our previous post), but women are more likely to grumble at their spouse.

Marriage counselors say that poor sleep quality can play a significant role in spousal harmony. While a night spent tossing and turning can be caused by many things, a snoring spouse appears to be the biggest hindrance to a good night’s sleep. Wives tend to be resentful when their husband’s snoring forces them to take refuge on the coach.

Hoping to restore wedded bliss, couples have tried all kinds of things to halt snoring. The marketplace is littered with snoring aids that attack the issue from both sides of the bed.

  • For long-suffering wives there are ear plugs, white-noise machines, herbal teas said to promote sleep, and sleeping pills for the truly desperate.
  • For log-sawing husbands there are special nose plugs that keep the nasal airways open, wedged pillows that prevent the offending spouse from rolling onto his back, machines that regulate breathing for those who suffer from sleep apnea, contoured pillows that maintain head position, and diet and exercise plans to combat snoring related to weight gain.

Some couples have even resorted to converting a large closet or spare room into a snoring room, a sound-proof retreat to which the wife can escape when she needs a good night’s rest.

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