Snoring Hubbies Make Wives Cranky

No news flash here but a new sleep study has found that snoring husbands make for cranky wives. The study results come as no surprise to anyone who has ever tried to sleep next to a nocturnal buzz saw. While hubby slumbers peacefully, irritated wives toss and turn. Prodding and poking until your spouse rolls over may provide momentary relief but it’s fleeting. Soon the raucous din resumes and any thoughts of getting a good night’s sleep disappear.

Lack of sleep and interrupted sleep affect energy and mood, and not in a positive way. It’s no wonder that the wives of snoring husbands are cranky the next day. (Sure, sometimes the roles are reversed and a snoring wife keeps her hubby awake; but men consistently beat women in snoring frequency and volume.)

What’s interesting about the new study by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh’s Sleep Medicine Institute is that only the women woke up grumpy with their husbands after a night of poor sleep. When men slept poorly, they were tired the next day; but sleep loss didn’t affect their relationships with their wives.

The difference appears to be one of those Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus dichotomies that separate the sexes. Psychologists say that when they wake up men are focused on logistics. Women, already frazzled by lack of sleep, are focused on feelings. The emotional emphasis women place on spousal relationships makes hubby the target of their irritation.

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