New Bedtime Story for Parents Finds Humor in Bedtime Wars

As much as we love our children, parents look forward to bedtime. Once the kids are in bed, parents can finally relax and enjoy a few hours of “adult time.” If children would just go to sleep when you tuck them in, there would be no bedtime battles – but they don’t.

Children keep popping out of bed, trying to stave off bedtime as long as possible. They want one more story. They have to go to the bathroom (again!). They need a drink of water or can’t find their favorite stuffie in the mound of plush that smothers their bed.

The list of bedtime excuses seems endless and, for parents, exhausting. Tired parents can usually take the first post-bedtime appearance of their child in stride; but with each successive return, parental patience wanes and frustration mounts.

A new storybook for parents perfectly captures the frustration all parents feel when the bedtime battles begin. Go the F**K to Sleep, written from the trenches by author Adam Mansbach, the exasperated father of a 2-year-old, is a hilarious account of what parents are really thinking when they lead their child back to bed (again!). Available from Akashic Books in October, the book is already a best seller on (click the link for a preview).

Mansbach’s book will resonate with parents struggling to keep their sense of humor when the bedtime battles begin, but parents who want to preempt bedtime skirmishes will find an ally in Nighty Night videos and CDs.

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